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    Visual Basic 6 Winsock Tutorial
    This tutorial will teach you how to use Winsock in Visual Basic 6


Visual Basic Winsock

    The Tutorial Description This tutorial will teach you how to use Winsock in Visual Basic 6 to create Internet/Intranet Connections. You will soon find out that learning how to manipulate the power of the net will not only be very very exciting but also open your horizon to a new world world of software capabilities It's also really really cool.
    Who should read this This tutorial targets the beginners in Visual Basic 6. This is a very very basic tutorial and should not be read by anyone who knows the basic of connect, send and receive with Winsock Although i will try to explain everything as thoroughly as i can, basic knowledge of visual basic 6 or generally programming is required.
    What is Winsock The Winsock we are going to use is an ActiveX that we can add in our visual basic program so we can use it's features. When using the internet ( like from a web browser ) a lot of things happen behind the scenes. Packets are constructed by the soft wares that are then being send through routers and others are being received by your Operating System and analyzed by the application that send it. In order to do such complicated things a lot of in formation like headers, packet size ,hashes ,packet order and many more are required to create the packets. You WILL NOT have to deal with that stuff using the Winsock control from vb. Continue reading to see just how easy it is to effectively use Winsock...
    What will this tutorial teach you In this tutorial i am going to show you how to create a simple chat program. The chat program will be just a server and a client, that you can connect from the internet ( or LAN ) and simply exchange text messages...
Client  Server
    See for more details:

Visual Basic Winsock


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